Drip Irrigation in Kibera!

My brother Dominic is back from Somalia where he has been designing milk cooling plants for the rural camel farmers. He is an absolute wizz with anything technical and voluteered to install the final stages of the drip system. Naturally, as all brother do, he changed my design……….admittedly for the better…….:) Much thanks and respect […]

The greatest event of today !!!

A week ago we discussed the Kibera project with a business associate, Patrick. He was up from Uganda, touring projects and I remember asking him if he wanted to come to Kibera. I also remember how he stumbled and mumbled a mixed reply before agreeing,………a little apprehensively I felt. Unfortunately the day ran out before […]

Boy at work- Josh in Kibera

The man behind the mic, Joshua Kegode my nephew, all of 15 yrs and starting out on his journalistic career. Seeing and hearing his interview for our pod cast last week allowed me to ‘view’Kibera through the eyes of an urban teenager. Joshua asked me what he could do with his peers to help with […]