Agri mobile app developed by Su Kahumbu Stephanou of Green Dreams Ltd. First Prize Winner of Apps4Africa Competition 2010 What you didn’t know about a COW Cows like humans have a 9 month gestation period and a healthy cow will produce a calf a year plus milk for 10 months (305 days)of the year. In […]

The Dates………

When I started this blog, I explained I was an absolute rookie to all things blogging. Today on showing Dominic the blog he reminded me to give an explanation on the dates on the first pictures. Actually, Wakio would be best to explain as she took the first pictures…………..It goes a bit like this……..we didn’t […]

Almost time to plant!!

The seedlings are almost ready. What a transformation!! The photos were taken on the 9th of June exactly two months from the date the Youth Reform boys and girls started to clear the dump site. We still have issues with the soil test and will try to intercrop plants that will extract the heavy metals, […]

Not So Good News :(

The soil tests were abysmal. Two samples were taken each representing half of the field. The field was transected into two halves, A and B. Then using a zig zag pattern, 30 soil samples from a depth of 30 cm were collected from each side. These samples were put into 2 especially designated bags and […]

Men at work -Kibera Day 4

The guys on the ground who are relentlessly transfoming this dump site in Kibera into an organic farm. Pic 1 Zakayo Simel, husband to Kendi (both working for Green Dreams Ltd) parents of beautiful Vanessa (3yrs). In 2005 twelve of the employees at Green Dreams were couples!!! Zak who was in charge of deliveries met […]