Agri mobile app developed by Su Kahumbu Stephanou of Green Dreams Ltd. First Prize Winner of Apps4Africa Competition 2010 What you didn’t know about a COW Cows like humans have a 9 month gestation period and a healthy cow will produce a calf a year plus milk for 10 months (305 days)of the year. In […]

Almost time to plant!!

The seedlings are almost ready. What a transformation!! The photos were taken on the 9th of June exactly two months from the date the Youth Reform boys and girls started to clear the dump site. We still have issues with the soil test and will try to intercrop plants that will extract the heavy metals, […]

New products March 08

Kim operates the Brackenridge Jersey Dairy. It lies nestled in the middle of one of the most serene farms in Tigoni. The farm is home to one of Kenyas oldest Jersey breeding herds and belongs to Tris and Quentin Luke. There are about 40 cows of all sizes on the farm and Isaac the bull……..Maharaja […]


Today was spent juggling my time between meetings and the little kitchen in the back of the shop. The plan was to teach Angela how to make fruit smoothies. Angela, originally a supplier, is soon to take over the running of the shop. A food technologist by training, she started up her own business in […]