Help Kenyan farmers petition against the flawed Biosafety Bill 2008

The President of Kenya his Excellency Mwai Kibaki is soon set to sign a flawed Biosafety Bill that has caused much uproar and seen farmers in Kenya staging a week long campaign to stop the signing.

On the 22nd Dec farmers took the streets and staged peaceful demonstrations in the major cities of Nairobi, Machakos, and Kitale where they carried placards portraying their messages of discontent about the flawed Biosafety Bill to the President.
Petitioins are underway on the ground as well as online for concerned citizens of the world to assist the farmers in this cause. Dec 31st is the final day this year the Bill can be signed. Petitions will run up until the 27th before they are presented to the President.

Whilst aknowledging that a Biosafety Bill is indeed needed, the current Bill having been already passed in Parliament, does not cater for the following issues

1) There is no allocation for LABELLING of GMO ingredients on products .
Consumers will therefore have NO choice on whether they consumer GM products

2) There is inadequate measure of redress against any contamination, fall out etc in the Bill. Thus, should the environment or human health suffer as a consequence of GM products , Kenyans will have no way of getting adequate compensation according to the Bill as it stands today.

3)Finally , we at the Kenya Biodiversity Coalition believe the Bill has not involved the stakeholders in the industries it will impact upon. It was not based on an all inclusive transparent process, but rather a quick fast tracked bill which we feel is inadequate.

We would like to see the Bill taken back to the drawing board and only passed when the people of Kenya are both knowledeable and in agreement on its contents.

Please help us in our endeavours to STOP the Presdidential signing of this Bill until it is the best Biosafety Bill Kenya can produce.

To join our online petition, go to

Be part of something that is bigger than the sum of us all!!

Thanking all who stand up for our cause,


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