The Dates………

When I started this blog, I explained I was an absolute rookie to all things blogging. Today on showing Dominic the blog he reminded me to give an explanation on the dates on the first pictures. Actually, Wakio would be best to explain as she took the first pictures…………..It goes a bit like this……..we didn’t know how to adjust the date on the camera for a few weeks thus all the first pics are dated 2004!!

It really didn’t take 4 years to get this project off the ground 🙂 though imagine if we took on a dump site the size of Dandora it just might!!

Happy reading………..:)

Su x

One thought on “The Dates………

  1. Actually, as Dominic has explained to me…one of the batteries in my camera is probably gone, so I need to adjust the date every time I turn it on and off again…something I seldom remember to do…or else replace the battery. Sorry for the confusion, folks. Congrats on a great, great project.


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