It gets better and better!!!!

I believe in the saying ‘A river will always flow it’s course’……… matter what we do, what we think , how we plan………….somethings take on a life of their own…………and now once a dangerous dump site our Organic Farm in Kibera is taking off in all sorts of directions.

Yesterday was the first commercial sale of product !! Totally awesome!!
So added to the advantages of food production, food security, environmental conservation, Youth Reform, we can now add INCOME GENERATION………….

Dominic has been keeping close tabs with the group and is largely responsible for their success. Hats off to you Dom!!
Yesterday whilst helping sort out the infrastructure for their vermiculture tanks, he managed to get these pictures of the group’s first commercial sale of kales and spinach.

The girl in the picture didn’t want her pic taken but the guys insisted as they are so totally proud of their farm 🙂

Notice the sunflowers growing with the crops. We’re hoping they will act as both a shade canopy as the weather heats up as well as a crop to help extract heavy metals within the soil. Today we are submitting leaf samples of all the crops (kales, cabbage, corriander, spinach and sunflower) for testing and will post the results asap.
Fingers crossed!!!!!

2 thoughts on “It gets better and better!!!!

  1. hello,
    je laisse un lien vers votre blog sur le mien,car votre article m’a interpellĂ©e (j’en ai eu connaissance par l’alerte de “France 24” dont je vais laisser le lien aussi)
    bravo pour ce reportage et bravo à leur effort et leur ingéniosité
    bien Ă  vous!

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