Almost time to plant!!

The seedlings are almost ready. What a transformation!! The photos were taken on the 9th of June exactly two months from the date the Youth Reform boys and girls started to clear the dump site. We still have issues with the soil test and will try to intercrop plants that will extract the heavy metals, with food plants. When the crops and extraction plants are mature we will test them to see the effects. Hopefully the food crops will be ok?

2 thoughts on “Almost time to plant!!

  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
    It so interesting to read about reclaiming kibera trash zones for urban farming – did i already say Awesome! Good job! I recently blogged about urban farming in major cities here in the US and someone reckoned that would be a great idea for Kenya and alas someone was already thinking about it…..Excellent! – I wish you continued success and will be back to read more on your progress.

  2. Thank you !!! It is indeed an awesome project, each day the site looks different, I can hardly wait to post the pictures .

    I shall tell the gals and guys you think their farm is Awesome!!

    Stay posted!


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