The greatest event of today !!!

A week ago we discussed the Kibera project with a business associate, Patrick. He was up from Uganda, touring projects and I remember asking him if he wanted to come to Kibera. I also remember how he stumbled and mumbled a mixed reply before agreeing,………a little apprehensively I felt.

Unfortunately the day ran out before we managed a site visit, and Patrick only had this blog to refer to.
Today he asked if we would take him and a friend to the project on the weekend. I asked if he finally had time to see it and he replied……….”We want to see it as we want to do the same in another slum near the industrial area.”

And that just made my day!!! 🙂

Kiberans Want Peace

5 thoughts on “The greatest event of today !!!

  1. How come your photos are all over the shop. Are you having problems laying them out nicely?

  2. I probably am. I just paste them in according to the instructions don’t know why they end up the way they do, have in fact even had some disappear into oblivion!!

  3. I’m bewildered… what an awesome job, as I followed the progression depicted by those snapshots, my eyes started to get hazier and hazier, I couldn’t stop it…it is really beautiful and truly inspiring what you are doing… I’m going to engage into something similar when I finally go back home in Angola this year. Take care sister, and keep being positive and sharing that beautiful gift you were given.

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