Boy at work- Josh in Kibera

The man behind the mic,
Josh n Su
Joshua Kegode my nephew, all of 15 yrs and starting out on his journalistic career. Seeing and hearing his interview for our pod cast last week allowed me to ‘view’Kibera through the eyes of an urban teenager. Joshua asked me what he could do with his peers to help with or be part of the ongoing project. We talked about a rabbit breeding component for the farm. He would be expected to research the entire operation , come up with ways of funding the construction of the cages as well as training of the young men and women on how to rear rabbits…………and not just any old rabbits either, we have a unique set of breeders in our next-to-be-featured project The Limuru Agricultural Youth Center
Hugs bunny
Cute as a button at this stage, and soon to be 6 kilos of much needed and appreciated protein.

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  1. That’s my kid! I see what you mean about the podcast, will try to fix it next week. Sorry. Poor bunny – you aren’t really going to kill it are you? Why is no one else reading your blog WHAT’S WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

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