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The Organic Shop in Gigiri shopping center is exactly one and a half years old now. We started with a fairly large supply of fresh products coming from our local organic farmers, both small scale and exporters and after about three months our supply chain started floundering. This was largerly due to the increase in demand from the shop and growth of our Box Scheme. From then until now supply is still erratic and we hope that this year will see sustainable growth in production. The industry has moved from over supply with very few markets to undersupply caused by a growth in markets. It is a great position for our small scale farmers as the opportunities are finally opening up. As an organic trader, we pay our farmers premium prices, and expect authentic organic products of great quality. To achieve this the entire industry must work cohesively. The important players include our networking body KOAN , and certification body EnCert.

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Our shop system allows a flexible entry point into the markets for our small scale farmers. Those that can prove they have been trained in organic production can supply for a period of 3 months during which time they recieve premium prices for their products. After this, they can only continue to supply if they have joined a certification scheme101_4953.JPG101_4956.JPG101_4967.JPG. 101_4960.JPG101_4989.JPG

Certification has it’s costs and must be fully understood fully by our farmers. Training and capacity building is required in this area.

We aknowledge our farmers pay higher costs to produce organically, including the cost of certification.
We recognise our farmers are stewards of our environment and honour and encourage them .
We pay our farmers premium prices as we believe it is their due for their involvement as organic producers and stewards of our fragile planet.

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