New products March 08

Kim operates the Brackenridge Jersey Dairy. It lies nestled in the middle of one of the most serene farms in Tigoni. The farm is home to one of Kenyas oldest Jersey breeding herds and belongs to Tris and Quentin Luke. There are about 40 cows of all sizes on the farm and Isaac the bull……..Maharaja is waitng his turn in line.

We’ve been on the farm for two years now and early on Dominic (my incredible brother) built us a custom made processing plant. (more on the plant later) This plant now under Kims supervision produces probiotic yoghurts, creams, cream cheeses, milk (raw and pasturised), kwark (a kind of fromage fraise and thick yoghurt mix )and our products have been written about as being some of the best quality in the country.
From April Kim will have the opportunity become a profit share holder in the dairy and is currently learning how to develop new products. Last week we trained him on 4 new products using organic products from the shops and ideas from my trip to Germany to Bio Fach in February. Tomorrow is an exciting day, as we will be sampling his new range, Tzaziki, sundried tomatoes and cream cheese spread, chives and cream cheese spread and a mixture of sundried tomatoes and cream cheese spread. Anna Rosalu does the finest sundried tomatoes on the planet!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we are a meat eating nation. Kim has never tasted the products he is now developing. And now at the marketing end we have to educate our consumers on what to do with things like Tzaziki. I can see it soon becoming a must in Kenyan households 🙂 Nyama choma and tsaziki……….barbequed meat and tzaziki

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