About Trust and gut feelings

The seed project was a huge eye opener for me, a reality check into how govt, Ngo’s etc function………..or rather strangle each other into ineffectualness (if there is such a word…………if not, now there is!)

And sadly, the donor in the US felt the project could not be tracked when it was on the ground, I guess measuring the health of our people is not as tangible as reading the statistics of those starving and dying.
Makes me a little disapointed. Wish more folk could work on gut feeling? Does it all have to add up to reports and reports of reports?

When I give , I don’t ask for reports , I give because I trust, I believe and quite frankly, I feel better for knowing I could do so without tangling the recipient up in issues that generally are saying ‘WE DON’T TRUST YOU’

It would probably cost more to track the project per beneficiary than the $0.70 cost of the seed packet.

My gut feeling is we will revive the famine relief seed project during the November rains (by which time hopefully we shall have set up a Green Dreams Trust) and that we shall have famine this year in Kenya. All efforts to avert the famine on a national scale seem too little too late.

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